What Are The Symptoms And Stages Of A Brain Tumor

brain cancer

An extremely rare tumor that is highly aggressive in nature. It can spread to multiple sites in the body and mostly occurs in young children. The symptoms vary according to the location of the tumor and can cause the appearance of lumps on the body. It leads to balance problems, and orbital tumors cause the eyes to protrude.

Every cancer is divided into four or five stages. ‘Carcinoma in situ’ or ‘stage zero’ is the initial stage of cancer. If some abnormal cells are detected during screening, the condition is termed as ‘carcinoma in situ’. These abnormal cells are likely to develop into cancerous cells. So the patient has to keep a watch on the growth of these cells by undergoing certain tests at regular intervals. Pap smear testing has successfully helped in lowering the percentage of cervical cancer in women, as the test helps detect ‘carcinoma in situ’. Breast cancer is believed to be the ‘best cancer’ as it can be treated and removed easily if detected in earlier stages.

What these omega 3 fats do is keep your brain healthy, keeping the membranes in optimum condition. They are also able to keep the neural pathways clear of any debris, so the transmissions are sent faster and more easily.

This is a type of brain tumor that affects the star-shaped cells that help protect the neurons. These tumors are graded I to IV depending on their progress rate.

In the study, workers exposed to insect and fungus pesticides had an increased risk of developing brain cancer.compared to healthy people who do not work in the agriculture fields. For further information, see the article, “French study boosts link between pesticides, brain cancer.” Yahoo News.

The fissure in schizencephaly (an evolutionary disturbance), may simulate the boils that occur in porencephaly (problem due to superficial embryonic brain damage). They can be differentiated through MRI examination and the exact nature of brain tissue can be diagnosed.

The cell phone industry is never going to admit that there are stern health dangers correlated to mobile phone radiation. In reality, when the industry started a Wireless Technology Research in 1993, a non-commercial organization, to prove to the public that mobile phones are secure, the research boomeranged on them, so to speak.

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