Whale Watching In Cape Town

summer in the city

A cup of soup and a sandwich may work well between October and May, but summertime is the time for your favorite cold salads. Potato and macaroni salad, vegetable medleys, three-bean salad, even the venerable garden salad can be a light and flavorful side for any entre. And don’t forget cold soups like gazpacho or melon soup.

Curitiba’s city government really puts up lot of attention to the bikers. They really want for people to get used to using bikes rather than cars. So they invest quite a lot of money to make biking as safe as possible.

Your final destination, Simon’s Town, offers a range of activities for your enjoyment but the absolute must-do is a visit to Boulder’s Beach to spend some time with the delightful locals. The beach is home to a breeding colony of penguins and you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter community. There are also water-sports, golfing and boating to enjoy, and an early supper of fresh seafood and some delicious South African wine will round off your day nicely before heading back to Cape Town on the evening train.

Another one for thrill seekers in Cape Town, Table Mountain boasts some fantastic rock climbing opportunities. Climbing is on offer for all ages on sandstone walls of varying levels of difficulty, and again this should only be carried out with experienced guides through an official company.

Nearly three years on from his breakthrough album Here’s To Taking It Easy, Phosphorescent returns to the fray with his most stunning record yet: Muchacho. During the last album’s ‘cycle’, one could almost hear jaws hitting the floor witnessing a live band of such infinite verve. Not only did the album draw high praise in the form of Mojo’s ‘Album of the Month’ (#8 End of Year), Sunday Times & The Independent ‘Albums of the Week’, hit Rough Trade’s Top 5 Best of the Year, but the band also supported The National over the course of three sold out nights at Brixton Academy, a show that The Independent gave 5/5 and called ‘a sublime, joyous gig’.

A good place to start a tour of the Bo-Kaap is the Bo-Kaap Museum. Located at 71 Wale St., near the Buitengragt end, it was once the home of Abu Bakr Effendi. He was a 19th century Muslim religious leader from Turkey who the British brought to Cape Town in 1862 to act as a peacemaker between feuding Muslim factions. Abu soon became a leading member of the community. He founded an Arabic school, and wrote a book in the local Afrikaans vernacular – thought to be possibly the first book ever published in Afrikaans. The museum displays many of his possessions. There are also exhibits pertinent to local Islamic traditions.

Join around a dozen animal rescue organizations for a special adoption event commemorating Just One Day and Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month (see story). The Mega-Adoption event will be from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Chicago Party Animals.


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